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Free online porn in high HD quality. New porn every day.
Sign up for our new Daily Dispatch newsletter NEW DELHI — Five years ago, when Kirthiga Reddy, an engineer based in Bangalore, tried to set up a porn site, she was caught in an especially nettlesome regulatory wrangle. India prohibits the distribution of pornography that is "objectionable to the community, religion, region, or relations among people," even if the videos are lawfully made. Despite a law banning "unnatural sex" as well, it's difficult to figure out what exactly that means.

So Ms. Reddy, now the CEO of a porn site called Xooga, managed to sign up for a subscription-based video service, paying about $300 a month for unlimited, high-definition access to her favorite scenes. But when the Indian government came after her to try and shut down the service, she hired lawyers and won the court case.

“I guess this was easier than going to prison,” she says with a grin. “They gave me the license to operate, just as long as I don’t put anything obscene or obscene in the software.”


It wasn't easy. She says she sometimes ran afoul of the Indian government's definitions of obscenity. For example, she needed to make sure her site contained “no hardcore pornography.” Even the New York Times reported last year that adult websites in India were using new filters to check for explicit content. “Even that was a hassle," Ms. Reddy says.

Nevertheless, Xooga, which launched in April, is the only site of its kind in India. The country has 437 million internet users, about 85 percent of the entire population, and the vast majority access the internet via mobile devices. That means Indians are likelier to get their porn through random Google searches than from going to Xooga. "Most people haven't even heard of it," Ms. Reddy says.

As much as the lack of mainstream access makes it tough to set up a site in India, it is also the reason why there is so much content. "There are hundreds and hundreds of porn sites, just because there is more demand than there is supply," Ms. Reddy says. The impact of that demand can be seen in the scale of India's porn industry, which is so large that it has even spawned its own etiquette.

One website, which offers a list of free Indian porn sites, advises porn site owners to avoid two words: Love and sex. "We do not go for overuse of these two words and prefer to use [them] when required," says the email, which was posted in late April on www.indiansexfacts.com, a resource for erotica in India. "Also, we recommend porn sites which have been updated with latest features and technology, so you can expect high-quality porn pictures and videos." That is good news for any Indians looking for low-quality porn. Xooga's best-selling feature is, of course, high-definition free porn. On a recent afternoon in a lobby in Mumbai, several girls were watching a romantic scene, softly moaning and lowering their heads as if they were experiencing pleasure for the first time.

The scene took place in a shack on a deserted beach, but the girls seemed to be enjoying it just the same. “Why not? It’s free,” one of the girls, wearing a short red dress and red lipstick, said while looking up at the scene. Still, being a member of India's adult industry doesn't pay well. Ms. Reddy makes about $1,000 a month from her subscription-based site. She says there are other lucrative options, too. One of the sites she watches most often, for instance, offers exclusive clips that are often customized to a user's sexual preferences.

“It pays well, because you’re competing with online dating sites," she says. “If you get married, you’re not going to make that much money anymore. You can use it as a way to buy yourself the things you want to buy or a way to live with your wife. You can also do it as a business.” Get the Monitor Stories you care about delivered to your inbox.
By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Policy Mr. Tiwari's pornography-free website, Annayaali, isn't so much a search engine as a catalog of all things sex-related, which it promises can be viewed without "intense [or] abnormal imagery." With the line between what is and is not pornographic seemingly disappearing, though, Mr. Tiwari doesn't worry much about Google blocking his site. "I haven’t really heard anything yet," he says. "But I’m not too worried about it."

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Free online porn in high HD quality
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Free online porn in high HD quality. New porn every day